Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ready, Steady, Go!

Charlotte (3.75yo) pestered and pestered me yesterday to take the training wheels off her bike, I have no idea why she suddenly decided she needed them off, but when Charlotte decides something, well, it usually has to be done! ;)

She is so funny - I went out to the garage ready to find a spanner in DH's toolbox and work out how to take them off, and she comes out with the spanner in her hand - she'd climbed onto the workbench, picked that one out because she was sure "Daddy uses this one" - and she was right!

I of little faith pushed her a couple of times but was really too scared to let go (it's the mother in me LOL) - and left her and Rhiannon outside while I went in to do a few things - I look out the window and realise she is doing very well - so I went and got the camera to record the moment :)

Ready -

Steady -


She can only go in a straight line, but her balance is pretty good. I'm going to take her to the big sports field down the road from us today so she can have a good practice.

... and my wee lesson ... never never forget that if Charlotte says she wants to do something, she'll do it! I should know that by now ;)

and talking of Charlotte - she is doing her first gym competition this weekend, it is a general "fun" gym one for the after-school classes, mostly the school age kids. She has been practicing her floor routine and looks SO cute!

Stitching wise - I stitched on Rose Arbour last night - it is so close to being finished now! I need to sit down and work out my next week rotation - might do that later.


cathymk said...

Look at her go! You must be proud!
How cold is it in NZ at the moment, I saw her bare feet and guessed it can't be as cold as it feels over here in AU... unless you are used to it I suppose lol.

Katrina said...

great pics Lisa :)
Any thoughts yet about what you are going to work on at the Doris retreat? hard to believe its only a few weekends away now - yay! must start on my exchange gift this weekend :)

Christine Doyle said...

Yay, Charlotte!!! You must have been excited for her - I am! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Faith Ann said...

What great pictures!! It sounds like Charlotte keeps you *very* busy :)