Sunday, July 31, 2005


Here it is Sunday morning, 7.15am - and I've had a shower, had breakfast ... and been awake for a good hour, of course DH is still in bed snoring - I wish I had the ability that once one of the kids woke up I could go straight back to sleep .... grrrrrrrrr. Of course, I have to leave at 8.00am to drive to Wanganui anyway, but I could have done with even half an hour more snoozing *whine, whine, whine* ... enough of the grumping.

Happy Birthday to my big boy - he turned 14yo yesterday :)

Hard to believe I've been doing this motherhood lark for 14 years! ... and of course one of the biggest milestones of 14yo is that he is now legally old enough to babysit - he's a good responsible boy and I've been leaving him at home with the other kids while I go for a bike ride, or pop out to the shops etc for a while - but it's a relief that it is now "legal"!

... and other news ... I officially accepted the role of Secretary/Treasurer for our cricket association (Horowhenua/Kapiti) yesterday. It is a paid position that they have funding for, so I will be invoicing them monthly for a 12th of the total amount, so it's a regular payment and I don't have to worry about counting hours. They have said that they definitely want me to keep a rough track so after a year they can up (or down I suppose) the funding so it meets what I should be being paid. Unlike soccer that I've had to set up from scratch, and where I have to deal with 700 whinging members (okay, they don't all whinge, but sometimes it feels like it!), and I'm forever battling for a few simple admin things - because this is the Assn, it is beyond the itsy bitsy club level, and the position has been held by someone else for quite a few years so is already established. I'm still thinking "oh heck, do I need to cram anything else in my life" - but if it is too much I now have the option of dropping soccer ... still thinking about that one. The nice, but scary too, thing is that all of sudden with two "clients" I really do have a small business going :)

... and to stitching ... what this blog is suppose to be about! I've finally got down to one RR square left - I was going to stitch it tonight, but just checked and mailing date isn't until 22nd August, so I'm going to leave it for at least a week and have a break from the obligation stitching. I need to take pictures of a couple of things, but will do that tomorrow. I just finished an exchange piece for the PS Board - I need to actually put it together into a needlebook now, hopefully I'll find time to do that in the next few days and send it off in plenty of time before the August 10th mailing time. Fingers crossed I can do a nice job of it - I'm still learning when it comes to this finishing lark!

After skipping a week of my new rotation - making the RR's last two weeks rather than one, I've got to decide whether to just skip the Silver Lining week and go back to the start and work a week on a Mirabilia again - or start a Rose ... I'll probably go with the new start :)

and in latest Beck Family sporting accomplishments - Cameron's soccer team won their league, they are the top KCU 10th grade team and played the Promotional Wellington Region league this season, the top eight teams go on to play Junior Premier League next year, so they well and truly secured their place for that AND yesterday they had a "fun" match against our 11th Grade JPL team (Wellington Soccer was cancelled because of wet grounds), and they WON! They are such an amazing team. Of course I can't forget me either - I've made the North Island Ladies team this year, we shoot the North vs South matches the weekend of 20th August - four years ago before I stopped shooting for a few years, I was making the Ladies and Open teams ... but I haven't been shooting well enough to do that this year - maybe next year! It will actually be quite nice to shoot just the one match, rather than two ... which involves shooting nearly all day!

That must be enough rambling for another day - think good driving vibes for me today, I'm driving to Wanganui for a rep match and the roads will be awful, it's been raining heavily all night - I like to drive, but not in dangeous road conditions :(

Oh, and a quick edit to add - Virginia! Thank you for your comment :) I don't shoot at Trentham, but at Levin - I shoot "smallbore", 25m, indoors - Trentham is mostly fullbore (bigger bangs, further away from the target LOL). Anyway - I can't work out how to reply to you via the comments - but a coffee sounds nice - email me at :)

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