Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm drowning in RR's!

Last week was "small things" in my rotation, meaning I planned on stitching RR's, exchange pieces etc. Well, it's had to carry on to this week. Normally I tend to stitch RR's as soon as I get them - but decided to wait until their week this time ... gosh - suddenly I had five! RR squares, and an exchange piece to do!

Anyway - I'm finally feeling on top of it again, I have one more RR square to do plus an exchange for the Prairie Schooler board.

Here are three squares, I've just about finished the ornament for the ornament RR and will pick out my PS piece later today, and probably start stitching it tomorrow, and then have just one quickish RR square left to do.

PS Santa for a mini RR-

Bent Creek Snowman Arch for RR57 - this is the last square for this RR!

Santa for RR57 (Santa RR) - I didn't need to stitch both squares this month, but it's nice to be one RR less :)

It sounds like RR55 (these are international Yahoo group RR's) has been held up somewhere, which is a bit sad - one is in postal land somewhere, mine is with one of the stitchers, but there seems to be a hold up - this is the same stitcher who sent the one that seems to be lost in the Postal "lala" land. I hope there isn't a problem. On the other hand, unless I am very sure about the people I am involved with I don't use expensive fabric and try not to let too much heart into it, so far I've never lost a RR and have a wonderful track record - but I know these things do happen.

and talking of RR's there is a RR board on ezboard I'd never heard of until someone posted that there was going to be a Mirabilia RR happening via the RR board - will of course I had to check it out LOL ... so I'm signing on for that - it will start as the other two international ones are finishing so it should work out well - that or I'm a sucker! LOL

In other parts of life - family is well, back at school after two weeks of school holidays, so back to the normal rushing and juggling.

I had my eyes tested yesterday - they've been feeling "tired", not so much blurry or not being able to see, but I could tell they weren't quite right - for a "normal" person I knew they were probably fine, but because I do so much close-work, computer work, and shooting I think I'm more aware of how well mine are working. Anyway - I am slightly long-sighted (probably age creeping up on me) and could wear glasses, but the optician and I agreed that I didn't really need them quite yet - if I was really struggling, yes, but I'm not really. If I go back to serious competitive shooting I will think about getting some shooting frames and a lens though - with a few tests we did, I could definitely see better with a lens in for the distance between my eye and the sight - but not enough difference to fork out the money quite yet.

I'm back on track with WW this week - I've lost and gained the same 2kg a few times in the last couple of months - time to get serious again and lose the last 10kg. So far so good!

I'm sure I could ramble on a lot longer ... but I'd probably bore you silly - must be time to get a couple of soccer jobs done and then on to starting to sort out the boys' bedroom. What an exciting life I lead!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
I'm a total stranger to you (g) but found your blog though a round a bout way from another group I'm in. Do you shoot at the Trentham range? If so, I wondered if perhaps we could get together for a coffee maybe, as I live in Trentham. I'm a stitcher, not a shooter, and like you, have a lot of overseas contacts with stitching, but other than the StitchNZ group, not a lot here. I am a member of the Upper Hutt Cross Stitch club though.


Zohrah said...

With so many RRs, you'll lose that 19lbs in no time. :-) I like the poncho but it would be too hot to wear that in Singapore.

And I love what your have stitched so far.