Friday, July 22, 2005

Poncho and Round Robin

Two finishes! yay!

Charlotte's poncho -

of course, now the big green eyed monster sister wants one too, so I have to knit another ... it was a pretty quick knit though - I've only knitted at work and in spare moments, like at gym. The neck is already stretched though - any ideas on how to keep it from doing that? (Besides tying down Charlotte so she doesn't pull and tug at it?)

and RR57 - this is an International RR Group I joined up through Yahoo - it was a nine person one, so has taken about a year. I've got the last two squares that I'm stitching at the moment and then I will be finished the stitching side too. I'm VERY impressed that mine has returned so quickly - my next square is due to be sent the first week of August, so I'm not behind - everyone else was QUICK.

Anyway - here it is - it is a Linda Myers pattern - Quilt Sampler VIII - Classic Quilt Squares, I stitched the border and the other eight people all stitched two squares each - if you look close the names are at the top and bottom of the border.

Last day of the school holidays - not sure if I'm delighted or not. I love the casual mornings and being able to sleep in, but hate that my never perfect house is even harder to keep remotely picked up ... I know it shouldn't matter in the grand scheme of things ... but it is frustrating. My sister has a perfect house all the time and on a bad day (like today) I can't understand why mine can't be like that - on a good day I know that I have a very full life and am trying to teach my children to pick up after themselves, that it doesn't happen magically ... rather than "only" spending time tidying and cleaning and following the kids picking up after them so they have no clues.

*sigh* can you tell it's a BAD day ;)

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Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, love the poncho - could you tell me what the name/brand of the pattern is? my niece would love one like that.

you must be happy with your RR too - looks great.

hope your weekend is going well.