Friday, July 15, 2005

Apologies to Bobbie!

For all the *almost* evil thoughts I was thinking (I'll say almost, because I was only sort of thinking them LOL). I put through an order with Stitching Bits and Bobs about a month ago, check the order status religiously, got all excited when it was sent over a week ago and have been checking my Post Box everyday since ... and was starting to get worried because it hadn't arrived yet. Now, I got caught up in the very slow, disorganised orders that happened last year and have since got over it and like the new being able to check to see where orders are at, and am happy to give anyone a second chance and realise that sh** happens, and the important thing is improving and fixing. So when my order wasn't arriving I'll admit to thinking, oh no, not again ... BUT!

This morning when I checked and it STILL wasn't there I figured I'd check at the counter just in case they had a parcel and had forgotten to put the little "parcel waiting" card in the mail box, or I'd lost it, or whatever, and turns out it was a good call ... the parcel was there - yipppeeeee ... and apologies for all evil thoughts!

I did a big order of lots of Drawn Thread patterns, a lot of them the older ones - hence the longer wait which I was fine with, knowing they probably wouldn't be in stock ones, thank you Open Polytechnic for the extra payment to DH and being able to pay for them ;) ... now, I desperately need to sit on the Wagon and stitch up what I've got ... and a thank you to Bobbie for another great order.

Stitching wise ... I haven't touched any for TWO days, that's almost unheard of for me! Work was really busy last night, and another late one - I got home about 1.30am, and being school holidays then slept until 8.00am this morning and of course made the rest of the day a rush before coming into work again now. I've got my knitting with me if it gets quiet, and hopefully I'll be home early enough to put at least a few stitches in ... I might start getting shaky withdrawals otherwise.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I've got a shooting championship in the morning, then home to get some haircuts for the kids done, and then out to dinner - which my parents have booked for 5.30pm - why so early I have no idea! Although it might mean I'm home early enough to do some stitching (am I desperate or what? LOL).

I'm off to drool over my new DT charts now while I'll wait for some more work to come in :)

Quickly editing to add - Carol asked me what fabric I'm stitching Rose Arbour on - it is a piece of the "old" Blended Needle Hand-dyed, I can't remember what it was called, but it was supposed to be a creamy antiquey look, but is actually quite yellowish. It is pretty, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it, I think all the white roses are going to get lost in it - a darker colour would have been better.


Carol said...

I love dealing with Bobbie too :-)

Carol said...

Thanks for adding in the info on the fabric for Rose Arbour - it looks so nice in the scan :-) I hope one of my Silkweaver solos will work well - they send me one each month in their FOTM... I just joined Sugar Maple Fabrics' FOTM too - something will come in that will be right for it! I will let you know when it does - your help has been wonderful!

Katrina said...

new stash, you lucky girl, so what DT's did you get? lol.

I've been caught up in a long wait from SB&B's too, but the last few times their service has been excellent.

enjoy your week.