Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Monday gone, already ...

Where do the days go! I feel like I've hardly stitched at all for about a week, tomorrow is definitely going to be an "at home" day ... after I've sent off the soccer cheques for the month, typed minutes, given the house a vaccum and dust ... I plan to stitch! I took the kids to the shops today and they were horrors, well the two girls were in particular, so I swore we're not going anywhere near them again this week. Actually, we've been busy, and I think they are tired and need a couple of days just to vege as well.

My family went out to dinner on Saturday night - it was Dad's birthday (66) and his twin and another sister were here from further up the Island so he booked a family restaurant and off we went. I have five sisters and two brothers and we ALL managed to get there - plus various partners and some children - here is a link to some photos - I tried to get one of each of us ... you can pick out the family resemblances! LOL

Shooting on Saturday - I managed a 99, then 96, then another 99, which makes a 98 average - yay! ... onward and upward :) I've booked in to get my eyes tested next week, I've always had perfect eyesight, but lately am noticing that after a few hours of stitching in the evening I'm continuously rubbing the right one, its more "glassy" than unfocussed, but I think it is first signs of the eye muscles getting tired (*shhhhhh* and old!), I think it's affecting my shooting too though, once I'm finished that eye feels "tired". For a "normal" person my eyesight is probably still really good - but because I use them for such precision stuff, I'm probably seeing the changes earlier than some people would notice *sigh*.

On to stitching - here is a picture of my progress on Chatelaines Christmas Mystery II after last week's stitching - not a lot really, I didn't even finish one part, so much for trying to catch up!

This week it's on to "little" things - I have about 4 RR's to stitch up, so I will probably do an extra week to finish them all off ... it's my rotation and I can do what I want! LOL

Time for sweet dreams for me ...

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