Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rose Arbour update ... etc ...

Here is Rose Arbour after Tuesday - I added her hair and hair piece and a couple of roses and the attached greenery -

I'm loving this one day a week thing - after a couple more weeks I'll probably work a week on her and get her all finished up, I can actually see the end now!

Yesterday was Wednesday and Setting Sail day but I didn't touch my stitching at all ... now I'm not sure whether to forget it for week and carry on with the Christmas Mystery today like I should be, or pick up the kit. I know stitching time is going to be short and I'd really like to finish at least one part of the Xmas Mystery, but on the other hand my guilt complex makes me think I should work on the kit. It's work tonight so it will depend whether I have time to stitch there or not, work tomorrow, then a busy day Saturday - I don't see a good stitching session in my future until at least Sunday when it will be time to change to my "small things" slot ... oh, the decisions! LOL

On a good note - I didn't touch my stitching last night because I had interclub, where I shot two 99's yay me! ... it's a little mental accomplishment, I have a lot of trouble shooting well at that particular range, I always feel twisted for some reason and can't quite work out how to fix it ... which would be fine, but we have our North Island vs South Island matches there in August and as I'm in the North Island Womens team, I really need to work it out, so it was nice to shoot okay ... hopefully that will help the mental block, if nothing else!

I took the kids to Palmerston North yesterday and we met DH and had lunch at his new work (Massey University for those NZ'ers that read and know where I'm talking about! - he is Student Liasion something or rather ... basically the marketing/admin side of promoting the university to market the enrolment side) - we then stopped at his Uncle and Aunty's place in Levin ... and that was the whole day gone.

Today is shopping day, I've done that. Also had to sort out a few things for soccer, still need to do this month's accounts - it might be a last minute job on Sunday, I can't see a clear two hours to get it done any other time. I have my two nephews here right now while Steph is at work ... I have trouble with their loudness - I know I have five children and should be used to it, but I dunno, they just seem to talk so loud and be so loud ... I think mine must be relatively quiet (DH and I both are so I suppose that makes sense ;)). But in a fair swap mode ... I'm going to have my nails done when she's finished work and she'll stay with mine for an hour or so, so it works.

Now I need to go clean up lunch after seven hungry children and work out what I'm going to stitch and maybe get half an hour or so in before I rush out again.


Faith Ann said...

RA is looking gorgeous... I love that pattern but haven't bought it because I don't think I'd enjoy stitching the arbour!

Hmmmm, as for your dilemma, I think I'd skip Setting Sail for this week otherwise the whole rotation gets thrown off...especially since you haven't got much stitching time over the next few days.

Carol said...

OOoo, I love your Rose Arbour! She is in my stash too - I just cannot decide on the right fabric for her - what are you using, because it looks nice!!??