Saturday, July 09, 2005

I've been knitting!

I bought some of the fun "Ostrich" wool from the "$2 Shop" of all places, finally found the "perfect" poncho pattern and started it at work on Thursday night - between a quiet Thursday night and a quiet night last night I've managed to stitch the whole front - I'm so pleased with the way it looks - it was a pretty plain pattern with garter stitch "stripes" - I used plain wool for the plain parts and the Ostrich wool for the stripes ... it looks much better than the pattern (well, I think so anyway!). You'll have to wait until I'm finished for a picture though.

Of course, because I was knitting, Sampler Gameboard got a wee bit neglected, but I'm still hoping to have quarter of it finished by the end of the evening which is when I will finish this weeks rotation.

Rhiannon has a gym competition in Palmerston North today, so I'm taking Charlotte too and we'll stay there the night, it's not that far away at all - but it gives them a treat, and gives the boys a break from the whining girls as well. DH will be able to enjoy the boys' soccer without watching to see where Charlotte is. Of course, I might question my sanity after a few hours of watching the competition and keeping Charlotte happy - she is definitely not a child who likes sitting still for more than five minutes - she'd rather be doing the competition as well!

and on a sad note - I can't not say anything about the tragic happenings in London, my thoughts are definitely with all of those people, it must be a scary place to be right now. From the media coverage we are seeing they seem to be handiling the logistics of it all very well - but the emotions that you can't see must be awful right now. I don't understand how people can hurt other innocent people and think there is any good reason whatsoever to do so.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone :)

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Faith Ann said...

Hope you and the girls enjoyed your night away!

Everyone is knitting these days...I think I need to head out and buy myself some knitting needles!