Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lots of white ...

that is what I stitched on Setting Sail yesterday - which makes it hard to see the progress. I actually feel like I achieved quite a lot on it - you just can't see it!

Here is a piccie -

Back to Sampler Gameboard today - which I'm thoroughly enjoying, it will be hard to put away when I change to the Christmas Mystery next week! (at least that's what I think is next week, I'll have to check).

This rotation is working for me really well so far - I actually feel like I'm beginning to achieve something and working on older nearly UFO pieces is pretty satisfying, it will be even more satisfying when I actually finish some of them!

I do have a drawer full of RR's waiting for me - well, two plus an ornament RR - but I'm being strong until it is "little projects" week.

I'm also thinking of starting a poncho (knitting) ... I've got the wool, got the pattern ... just got work up the enthusasim, I'm really good at starting knitting and never finishing it ...

I'm coming down with a dose of tonsilitis (not sure how to spell it) ... trying to decide whether I need to see the Dr or not - it's something I get fairly regularly, usually when I'm a bit run down and can usually shake it off without antibiotics ... but it's Thursday, the girls and I are away Saturday and I'm beginning to think maybe I should make an appointment for tomorrow, just in case. I hate doctors :(

Otherwise - I've just come back from walking with a friend, need to go pick up Charlotte from day-care, might get half an hour or so stitching in, then it's off to the school's open day to watch Rhiannon dance, and poke my nose in the boys' classes. Then home to get ready for work etc etc this evening ... the excitement never ends! LOL

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