Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Kiss Update

Here is a picture after a week ... bit disappointing really! I did a bit more of the pink, some of her hands and most of the urn - not all that much for a weeks stitching, although I didn't work on it Tuesday or Wednesday which are often my bigger stitchy days.

It's quite hard to put it away knowing I probably won't pick it up for another four weeks ... if I stick to my rotation! This week it is DT's Sampler Gameboard, I'm looking forward to it, I haven't worked on it for ... well, a long long time LOL

Another hopeless shoot yesterday - 97, 96 and 98 ... a lot more inners (.1's which means the shot goes right through the dot in the middle) ... which is a sure sign my position and general shooting is improving ... I just need to do the same for every. single. shot.!

My Dad just rang to ask if we wanted to go to dinner on the 16th of July ... his birthday (66th), but mostly because two of his sisters (Jill and Marion) are coming down for a holiday so it's a chance to get the whole family together ... and um "whole" for us is my 7 siblings, plus partners, plus 20 or so nieces/nephews, some of their partners, one great niece ... which = lots of people! ... and I should add the funny name story here ... my Dad is a twin, his twin is Jill ... and ... guess? yeah - his name is Jack LOL - it should be a fun night, I think I will get a sitter for Charlotte, but we'll take the other four kids - he is booking a family restaurant expecting kids to come too.

I love Jo's new template ... so much so that I'm thinking of paying out the money to get my own done ... I'll have to have a think about it though.

Four soccer games yesterday - three losses, one win. Cameron's "star" team (playing in the Wellington Junior Premier League) is top of the table, with one (hard!) game to go ... I think no matter what happens next week they will at least come first equal - WTG boys!

Rhiannon has another gym competition in Palmerston North next week, it's not *that* far, but I'm thinking of taking Charlotte too and staying away the night with the two girls ... the boys can have a boys weekend (without whining little sisters) at home, and we can have a wee girls weekend ... if Charlotte is in the right mood it will be a good weekend, if she's being difficult I'll come home exhausted! LOL ... I'm hoping the thought of having a "big" girls weekend away will be enough to make her act grown up too ;)

Anyway ... Sunday today - it's nearly 10.00am and I'm still in my jammies ... time to go have a shower, then some soccer accounts to do, baking for lunches ... then a nice long bike ride - then (if I have time left) I'll finish sewing Rhiannon's skirt and maybe start on Charlotte's ... I'm planning a sewy week next week, with my cross-stitch in the evenings, DH is away for a couple of nights so I will have some quiet evenings :)

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