Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Miss Rose Arbour has some skin now

I'm a bit disappointed that that is all I got done yesterday (the skin parts, and a some of the dress backstitch that I had to wait for the skin to be done before I could finish it off) - I had planned on a good long evenings worth with DH being away for the night, but by the time I'd picked up, dropped off, fed etc my kids plus their friends and bathed the girls and put them to bed it was after 8pm before I got to sit down and relax!

Away it goes again for another week, it's the Setting Sail kit tonight ... I'm home alone again tonight ... well me plus five children, not really alone! LOL ... couple of soccer trainings and gym training this afternoon though so lots of in and out before I'll get to sit for any length of time.

I finally finished a skirt for Rhiannon yesterday - I cut three out ages ago, two for Rhiannon, one for Charlotte. The first one I made for Rhiannon was too big (it should fit her next year), I made this one a bit smaller, now just Charlotte's to go - then I need to make them both a couple of leotards for gym.

Here is the skirt I finished yesterday (on wild pre-brushed ready for school Rhiannon) -

btw - looking at the photo, it looks very plain ... but it has darts and zips ... all very scary stuff for me, hence being so proud of it! LOL

Well. I've written this in two parts, started it before 8.00am, I've got the kids to school, gone for a quick walk and now it's 10.00am and time to go hang out washing and go do the weekly grocery shop - then back home to the 2nd load of washing, lunch ... and then hopefully some stitchy time!

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Faith Ann said...

RA looks great! I hate stitching the fleshy parts they always seem time-consuming.

The skirt is so did a great job!! Of course I'm impressed by any amount of sewing because I dislike sewing *immensely*.

I'll post a link to my "Kitchenaid" on my blog :)