Thursday, July 21, 2005

Couple of Updates

Rose Arbour - after Tuesday, I finished off another couple of roses and did a tiny bit of the urn on the other side.

and Setting Sail after yesterday - hardly any change really, but a BIG accomplishment - I stitched the purple shading right over to the right-hand side where it finishes ... now I can "just" start filling in all the gaps :)

(Taken out to fix side-bar)

and a close up of that half - more for me so I can see how I'm progressing week to week

... and a photo of the lovely Charlotte after crashing *finally* at about 10.30pm Tuesday night - I was at work and my niece was babysitting ... along with nearly 14yo David and his two friends ... this is Charlotte on the couch with her heroes William and Michael either side ;)

The teenage babysitting is great, but not so much fun when the Miss 3.5yo won't listen to anyone and stay in bed!

I just received one of my many RR's back in the mail ... it was a quilt pattern, and looks great! I'll take a picture next time I have the camera out :)

I also finished knitting Charlotte's poncho yesterday - just need to sew it up. I think I'll knit the beanie to go with it as well - then I'll take piccies :)

Righty-oh ... off to feed the troups, four of mine plus two nephews.

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