Monday, July 11, 2005

Yay! School Holidays ... and a Sampler Gameboard Update

School holidays start today! Yay! ... I slept until 7.30am (an hour later than usual) ... had a semi-leisurely breakfast, once I finish here I need to do a quick tidy of the house and then Cameron and I are going for a bike ride, I just dropped off Charlotte at daycare - no holiday for her, I can't risk breaking the routine and the rest of us need a holiday from her ;)

Happy Birthday to Josh! - he had his 11th Birthday yesterday ... and a happy birthday to his cousin Robert (also 11) today - they were born about 5hrs apart in the same hospital :)

(sorry, it's sideways ... I forgot to turn it when I uploaded it, now I can't work out how to do it later).

and on to stitching ... here are two pictures of Sampler Gameboard (by The Drawn Thread).

Before I started stitching on it last Sunday -

and after I'd finished with it Saturday night -

I'm pretty pleased with the amount I got done - not quite quarter of it, but close. Considering I stitched on my Tuesday and Wednesday pieces AND knitted half a poncho - I'm feeling pretty accomplished LOL

Okay ... off to put a wash on, pick up after everyone ... and then on my bike!

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, enjoy your bike ride - sounds great!

Look forward to seeing you make more progress on the Drawn Thread its one I've liked for ages.

Happy belated birthday to your son too.

have a good week!