Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Josh!

and Yay! Italy (fancy having two titles to choose from, I always have trouble coming up with one!).

Happy Birthday to our Josh - he is 12 today :) ... hard to believe that 12 years has gone by since our little very pale skinned, white fuzzed hair 6lb20z baby boy was born. He literally flew into the world ... so quickly that the new mid-wife turned around and almost missed him ... and got a good talking to later (DH heard the "old" midwife telling her to never, never, turn your back on a patient). He came out blue with an initial agpar score of one - they suctioned him out and then rushed him off - to this day I'm not sure what they did with him, I think they gave him some oxygen and cleared his airways some more. Now he's a very intelligent, quiet, caring (still pale)12 year old ... who is slowly getting to my height ;)

and Italy - wooohoooo! I was third in our sweepstakes at work before the weekend, I picked both Germany and Italy AND picked Italy to win before the tournament started, which also earns me extra points ... I toyed with the idea of picking France so I'd be guaranteed a safe 5pts, but went with the gamble and it paid off. No idea if I'm still in the running for prizes - but I'm chuffed that "my" team won :D ... makes it, oh so much more exciting when you've got money on it! LOL (probably the best way of seeing through four weeks of a soccer made family!).

In a funny World Cup thing - Josh's birthday being today, of course, was also the same day as the World Cup final ... of course Josh has no interest in it whatsoever ... if it had been Cameron's birthday it would have been a perfect sleep-over/party for him as he's the soccer mad fan of the house (along with big brother and Dad of course). Funny how things work out ;)

On to stitching ... here is a picture of my needleroll for the SAL weekend - I supposed I'm supposed to put it away for a few weeks now? Gosh, that won't be easy, it's a fun stitch - I'm not sure why I've had it kitted up for so long and not started it!

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and lastly - a photo of the four younger kids (Mr nearly 15yo is just too old and above himself to go bush walking with them) - they are (I think) at the top of walk they did yesterday, that is Otaki River below them - the car would have been parked on the other side of the river - DH got some good photos of them all crossing the swing bridge - but I won't bore you with those! They had a great day :)

(Charlotte, Josh, Rhiannon and Cameron)

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Kath said...

Pink Houses... very cute.

Well done on your win in the sweepstake too....!! Go Lisa!!

Katrina said...

lol,Lisa, carry on stitching the Pink Houses!!

zoeandcooper said...

Great start on your needleroll. It is adorable!

Happy birthday to your don!

Lisa said...

That it so pretty.

Congratulations on winning the sweepstakes

Karoline said...

Your needleroll is lovely, great progress

StitchCat said...

Great photo of the kids. Your needleroll is lovely. I love the colours. I must get back into the stitchalong especially now as I have just brought a few more patterns.

andrea said...

Great progress on the needle roll. I'm liking it a lot.
Excellent news on the win.