Saturday, July 08, 2006

No stitching update

Ha! make a goal to update your stitching daily ... and what happens, you don't get to stitch! It was very quiet at work last night ... but you can see what I did instead of stitching ;) ... I took the opportunity of the peace and quiet and fiddled with my blog, I never did like the rose before it - I was playing around and ran out of time to do anything further.

Thank you to Nicki (Plush) for the idea and link to photos to change the top banner - I can't work out how to make it exactly the right length, but I'm happy as it is. I even fiddled and change a few colours of headings so it all fitted - quite proud of myself, I am ;)

I sometimes get to stitch for half an hour or so when I come home from work on a Friday night ... but last night I arrived home to find DH in a tizz surrounded by bakery goods and no idea where to put them. I have a wonderful friend whose BIL owns a local bakery, she will quite often ring and say she has some leftovers at home that are great for the kids' lunches and after school snacks ... but last night the charity who usually does the pick up of the leftovers on a Friday night didn't turn up - so he dropped the whole lot off to my friend's place. So she rang here and David went around collected a whole lot. I managed to find places in the freezer for all the freezable things ... and we have plenty of filled rolls for lunch AND dinner ;) So anyway, my usual stitching time was spent wrapping filled rolls and finding room in the freezer and fridge to put everything ... and I'm not complaining, not one little bit ;O) ... these extras from my friend really do help the grocery budget! (she has five children as well and in a very similar situation to us so she knows how much we appreciate it).

I don't think I mentioned my plans for tomorrow (Sunday) ... DH obviously finally got the hint that I'm desperate for some alone time ... and is taking the kids out for the day - off to Otaki Forks which has a couple of great bush walks, they're planning on going in the morning, doing one of the small walks, having a picnic lunch, then doing another small one - giving me a day at home alone ... I've been looking forward to it all week. Of course, you know what happens don't you? I got asked to come into work at 3.00pm for a few hours - and I never say no to weekend overtime, good money, no childcare to worry about ... and going away in a couple of weeks! ... so my whole quiet day has disappeared :( ... not to worry, I'll still have the morning and I'll have time to stop in at Spotlight on the way into Wellington ;)

Righty oh ... I need to get moving ... washing to do, house to tidy etc ... just the usual. Although I had a meeting to go to this afternoon (ski camp fundraising for school) which has now been changed until tomorrow ... and joy of joys - I genuinely can't go because I'll be at work *dancing dancing dancing* (I don't enjoy these meetings at all - I have to go if I want help paying for Josh to go to camp, but most the parents are very lapse in volunteering and it is VERY frustrating).

Hope everyone is having a good day!


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, hope its as sunny down your way today as it is here, been out for a long walk this morning and boy, did that feel good!

Love your new blog look too, bright and fresh looking :) enjoy your day, even though you have to got to work.

Kath said...

Love the new blog look, you are clever.

Oh no, all those plans.... but just think in two weeks we will all be away! OH YAY!