Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quick Halloween Fairy update

Isn't she lovely! I'm a wee bit disappointed in the green wings - they're a lovely colour but get lost in the fabric, I'm using the fabric from the kit this time and didn't expect that - they are outlined though, so once that is stitched I'm sure they will be more see-able.

This was after last night's stitching, I was hoping to get some more in today, but I'm not sure where the day has gone - maybe later, maybe not.

I've got the Cricket Assn AGM tonight - think of me as I have to present the accounts, my least favourite thing is to speak in front of a group of people and on top of that I know the Chairman isn't particularly happy with the way they are laid out. The Auditor was more than happy, and we discussed how my coding is different from last year as I am new to the job this year - but it is worth one year of a bit of confusion, to make sure that they're consistent in future years, but I know for sure that Mr Chairman isn't particularly happy with it!

There is a NZ/Aussie netball game tonight at 10.00pm ... I'm hoping to be home and stitching for it - so lets hope it's a quick meeting (I can dream, right?).


Vicki said...

Halloween Fairy looks lovely! I'm sure the wings will be fine once they are outlined. It's amazing how much that one little detail helps a piece out. Hope your meeting went well last night.

Faith Ann said...

I love the Halloween fairy! I think her wings will look fine when they are backstitched :)

Good luck getting home in time for the game!

Margaret said...

Hope your meeting went well. I suspect that the backstitching will change the look of the wings a lot. And I think it's kind of cool that they're subtle. They look like moth wings and for some strange reason, moths seem more fitting to Halloween than butterflies!

zoeandcooper said...

Your progress on both Mira pieces is lovely. they are both so pretty!

Jackie R. said...

Girl, you continue to totally amaze me!!!!!! Where in the world do you find the time for all that stitching...volunteering...working...computer...AND 5 kids and 1 DH?????? AND....do it all beautifully!

LOL....I must be doing something wrong! ;o)