Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well ... I did take a photo

But DH has just left with all the kids to go on a bush walk, and taken the camera with him! I'll forgive him, this once.

So I get to tell you that I did indeed start a needleroll, after looking for all the supplies for Sweetheart Tree's Victorian Floral Needleroll, and finding that I didn't have anything - not even the right DMC colours, that I'd start Little Pink Houses (M Designs) instead - especially as I've had it all kitted up for quite a while.

So I had a lovely little photo of little pink houses - the line of houses nearly completed - but you will just have to pretend instead.

I'm off to do a wee bit of soccer work, then try and get an hour or two in before going off to work this afternoon.

The house would be quiet ... except the big teenager is home, of course *sigh*


Andie said...

Wow Lisa! Thats is a gorgeous needleroll and I just love those little pink houses! They are sooooo cute! LOL



Kath said...

aaaaaw, cute houses there Lisa!!! rotflmao!

Hey, cute pics of the kids in your side bar tho....