Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I won!

I won our World Cup sweepstake at work :) ... I get a lovely little cash prize of about $100 (I can't remember exactly how much) ... just the right amount for guilt free shopping for our weekend away - isn't life good? DH thought I was nutty for picking Italy to win - HA!

No stitching update from yesterday because I didn't even touch it :( ... I hate that, I need my daily stitching fix! ... the day just seemed to get away from me - I did some soccer work in the morning, did some housework, took Josh to the shops so he could pick out some clothes and a book for his birthday - folded the HUGE pile of laundry and the it was dinner time. I then had a gymnastics committee meeting ... and that was my day.

I'm hoping that I don't even have to leave the house today - and I plan to stitch the afternoon and evening away. According to my rotation I should be stitching a Mirabilia so I think I will dig The Kiss out - she hasn't seen the light for day for I hate to think how many months.

Oh - and I lied about not leaving the house - I got a call at 8.30am this morning to remind me about Charlotte's dental check-up at 9.00am - which I'd forgotten about, so I got to wake her up, break the news to her ... and then rush down to the school dental clinic and hold down a screaming, kicking Charlotte. Even better? The Dental nurse thinks she might have some decay and she wants to check her again in 3 months ... which is about a month before she starts school - nothing like a bit of extra trauma to welcome her to school - so went from there and got the kids some games and DVDs for a few days ... so we're all set now for a quiet day in :)

Just remembered the other thing I did yesterday rather than stitching - I made the cutest little book for Charlotte. She is desperate to learn how to read, so Josh spent sometime taking photos of her for me yesterday - doing different things. I then put the photos into a word document and she has a little book of "I can ... " that she can VERY proudly read herself. I'm going to do another one with "This is ... " and take photos of all of us. So the day wasn't lost in boring work and housework!


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, enjoy your stitchey day -fingers crossed for you, and wish it was me. What a neat idea for Charlotte, we use a similiar idea for one of our clients that has a very low reading level :)
wahoo, $100 to spend on stash- I could easily help you with that!! also,was going to email you about the needleroll chart last night and it completely slipped my mind!

StitchCat said...

Lucky thing to win some well deserved shopping money :)

Kath said...

What do husbands know!! lol

Hope that you get to stitch today, must admit I am not getting any stitching time during the day at the moment. Got lots done last night tho.

Loved the book idea for Charlotte, that will keep her happy for a while.

Margaret said...

Poor Charlotte. I LOVE the book idea!