Monday, July 24, 2006

I feel good :)

There is nothing like good friends, good food, good wine (and whine! LOL), stitching and shopping to make a girl feel good.

Our little NZ retreat was this weekend and we had a lovely time - thank you Katrina, Kath, Wendy, Donna and Pat!!

I was biking home with Charlotte from her gymnastics class this afternoon, with the sun shining ... and just thought ... I feel good - I still have way too much to do, not enough time to do it, but I feel so much more relaxed and less stressed, and I'm sure it's the weekend away from it all that helped.

Also helped by the fact that my wonderful DH had the house tidied, laundry up to date and dinner all cooked by the time I arrived home :) I'll keep him on a little longer! LOL

... and some pictures, just to prove we stitched, and didn't just eat and chat ;)

Here is the start of Stargazer - bit of a blue blob for now, but I'm already loving her.

and the start of Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy - I'm going to carry on with the fairy for a couple of days - I have a free evening tonight (and good TV!), and hopefully a couple of free hours tomorrow - after that I'm busy, busy, busy again - cricket AGM tomorrow night (which I'm all ready for *phew*), stocktaking at one of our big stores for ski-camp fundraising Wednesday night then work Thursday and Friday. A free weekend and then stocktaking Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings ... no rest for the wicked, and I was obviously VERY wicked at some point in my life!

and last but not least - we had a winter exchange, I was a lucky girl and ended up (after a few fun swaps) to end up with a bis... whatsit pillow from Katrina (isn't it lovely!) along with some lovely smelly shower gel and a cute notepad - thank you again Katrina!


MiPa said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I wish I was close enough to fellow stitchers to get together. Great start on Stargazer. Can't wait to see more updates.

Kiwi Jo said...

so glad you had a wonderful weekend Lisa!

Margaret said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Halloween Fairy AND Stargazer are off to great starts.

cathymk said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Stargazer is looking wonderful already, she is such a gorgeous design! Look forward to seeing Halloween Fairy done soon - she is sooo cute.

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, I felt the same way yesterday! must have been good for all of us I think. You are just speeding along with the fairy!