Friday, July 14, 2006

Sad news

NZ paralympian killed in motor accident I don't know the shooter particularly well, have seen him around at shoots, but couldn't say I know him. But Ross Mason (wife Kris Mason was driving) who was in a different vehicle going somewhere else is a friend, and extremely good man (you know, one of those few truly GOOD people in the world) - he has put so much heart, soul and time into this shooting team to get them to World Champs etc and to give them the same opportunites that healthy bodied shooters have. I just know that poor man will be absolutely gutted, not to mention poor Kris who was driving.

And as an aside - Alison Fursdon is an old shooting friend that I haven't seen or heard from for a few years, she left her DH and children and took off overseas with another shooter about, oh 10 years ago, I didn't even know she was involved in the team and was so surprised to see her name there!

On a happier note - I FINALLY took the kids up to see the Statue of Mary today. I have promised, and promised, and promised again, Charlotte that I would take her up there but something always happens and we don't make it. You can see it from the road, and at night her halo lights up and Charlotte has asked lots of questions about how big it is, what's it made out of etc etc so I said I'd take her up and have a look.

Here's a photo of the kids and the Statue

and a picture of the view - the big green and yellow building is our Pak n' Save supermarket - I think Charlotte was more thrilled that she could see it from the top of the hill and that it looked so different ... than she was at finally seeing the statue! LOL

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natty68 said...

*Hugs* sweetie - I am sorry about your friend. My thoughts are with the family.