Friday, July 28, 2006

So. Tired...

I knew this week was going to be a toughie ... and next week too, but that doesn't quite make feeling like crap from lack of sleep any better today! I haven't gotten to sleep before midnight since Monday night. Tuesday night was AGM then the netball - in bed at about midnight, and then tossed and turned. Wednesday was stocktaking, home about 11.30pm ... alseep about 12.30, last night was my usual late working night ... but of course, no work until about 10.30pm then a couple of urgent things came in ... first one froze ... grrrrrrrr ... finished the other one about 12.30, home after 1.00am ... this morning? I'm tired, surprise, surprise! Roll on a normal bedtime tonight and the next couple of nights before a full on week of late nights next week.

I did stitch last night though - before work came in I worked on my house exchange piece for a while, I'm hoping to get some more done this evening and finish it tomorrow, then stitch this month's ornament to just sneak in to meeting those two goals before the end of the month!

So, that is my exciting life, work, work and more work :) I'm off to dust the furniture and vaccum now - so at least the house looks slightly respectible!

Thanks for all the comments on my bag - I'm still rather chuffed with it :)

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