Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Morning

and it's already 10.15am! I need to go do some grocery shopping, then get back home and ready for work - I remembered in the shower this morning that I'm supposed to be there about three hours early, which means I need to leave about 2.00pm. So much for getting lots of work done this morning! Anyway - here are a few picture updates.

Firstly - my very "slow" HAED Quick stitch - I'm loving stitching this though ... after 20 or so years of cross-stitching I think I'm just plain enjoying something a bit different - kwim? I'm quietly hoping to finish this one this month - but we'll see how life pans out ;)

and then we have an ornament I've been stitching for a few months - it's my, what am i going to bring and stitch, pick up and stitch, one!

and lastly, last months NZ SAL ornament - Peace by Charlotte's Web Designs.

Okay - now I've also got to drop a couple of the kids off to a friends house, so I need to get moving, grooving!

(... but I did manage to do an update - as promised in my goals! LOL)


Katrina said...

great stitching Lisa, have a good day :)

AnneS said...

Some great piccies there, too - congrats on meeting your goals today :) I love the peace ornament - that's on my 'to do' list too :)

Kath said...

Looking great Lisa. Happy times at work... and 3 hours earlier.... WOW!

Another cold one out there today.

Maree said...

Nice work _ that HAED is going to be beautiful when it's finished.