Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June to July

June Round-Up

1. Finish Friendship Exchange and send off - yes
2. NZ SAL Ornament - yes
3. One other ornament - no
4. Finish Woodland Cottage - no

I did do my ebay stitching though -

DT - English Garden Pocket
PS - Tall Oak Sampler
LHN - Rose Sampler
SB - Be True

I'm hoping they make enough money to give me a lovely guilt free stitchy/stash weekend with our NZ group of ladies :)

July's Goals

I really, really need to get myself into a stitching routine/rotation again ... but I'm just not too good at sticking to one! ... so I need something with a bit of freedom, but also gets me working on some pieces I haven't touched in a while.

I also want to get better at blogging regularly AND commenting on other blogs, I've got pretty hopeless at that lately.

Soooo ...


1. NZ SAL Ornament
2. One other Ornament
3. Finish Woodland Cottage
4. House Exchange
5. Work on Mirabilia The Kiss
6. Work on HAED Quick Stitch (maybe even finish it!)

7. Update Blog daily, with that day's stitching.
8. Comment on at least 3 blogs each day.


Monday - HAED
Tuesday - Mirabilia
Wed - Ornament/Exchange
Thursday - Ornament/Exchange
Friday - whatever
Saturday - whatever
Sunday - HAED

Weekend of 21-23rd, I plan to throw the rotation out of the window and possibly start Mirabilia's Stargazer - that is the weekend we are away and I think I deserve a treat!


AnneS said...

Good luck with your July goals - some great ones in there! :D

Katrina said...

hey Lisa, nice to see you here, not long until our retreat now and I was thinking of the same thing, starting something completely new! so will you be up for a stitch-fest that weekend, had better make sure we've got heaps of supplies to keep us going through the night huh? LOL.

Von said...

Have a great time on your weekend, Lisa!
And good luck with blogging and reading! It seems I fall behind so quickly too, but I plug away at it. :D